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The Evolve Course LLC.

Are You Ready to Evolve?

Growth happens as a result of learning what cause-and-effect are behind feelings that result in subtle or sudden outbursts from perceived adversity. The courses are designed to help you see yourself by seeing yourself in others. It’s easier to see how beliefs affect your life when you can look through a looking-glass in a safe and loving environment. In the courses you will help yourself and others do the work it takes to build and/or rebuild your true Selves. The stronger you build your foundation the better your thoughts, feelings, and positive action steps become towards achievable goals.

It takes courage to do Self discovery work. When you are ready we are here for you. We offer a safe and supportive, heart-strong environment. We help you see yourself in truth so you can have  breakthroughs at each course weekend. See each day as an opportunity to peel through layers and uncover deep-rooted experiences of childhood adversity trauma that affects you and where you are in life today.

Through taking an EVOLVE course, taught by the official EVOLVE core team or an approved resource, graduates will have the opportunity to come back and angel new students, meet friends, and have  new “aha” moments of self-discovery in a safe and loving environment.

We understand what it takes to move beyond past hurts and trauma. We give you tools that are tried and true. Each person is unique in their experiences. Keep what empowers you because to stay divided within causes self-destruction. You will feel renewed as you let go and peel back what is making you feel victimized, angry, guilty, shameful, and less than happy.

Are you ready to give yourself the gift that will help you heal your body, mind, and spirit?

What  you will gain from this course

  • Connect and embrace  your emotions
  • Gain a deeper understanding of yourself
  • Genuine relationships with others
  • Have boundaries while staying loving and empathetic
  • Break limiting beliefs that keep you stuck
  • Be empowered to make important decisions and go for your dream


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