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Standard Features Included On All Of Our WordPress Websites

Sitesters Website Design has the most complete and up to date WordPress designs that rank well in SERPs. (search engines results pages) Our number one priority and goal is to help our small to medium sized business clients grow their companies online at an affordable rate. 

All of Sitester’s website design packages come standard with the following features. Our WordPress sites all have modern WordPress themes, mobile and desktop versions, clickable phone numbers, clickable email links, a variety of button phrases, search engine optimization elements, calls to action on every page, keyword phrases, keyword rich content, and the most important elements your site needs to be seen by search robots. 


All Of Our Web Design Packages Come Standard With These Features

  • Modern WordPress Themes
  • Mobile and Desktop Versions
  • Clickable Phone Numbers
  • Clickable Email Links
  • A Variety of Button Phrases
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Calls to Action on Every Page
  • Keyword Phrases
  • Keyword Rich Content
  • Optimized Content, Titles, Descriptions, Headings, and Captions
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